Optimization Market Data Desktop Landscape

Initial situation

Market data desktop products (primarily premium terminals) represent both a voluminous and a cost-intensive factor in trading and trading-related environments of financial institutions, being largest item next to data feeds in company’s market data budget.   


High costs with a concurrently increasing pressure in recent years effected a stronger management focus on the desktop landscape by the following aspects:

  • Reorganisation, mergers and adjusted business models significantly changed the requirements and usage behaviour of terminals and hence request an appropriate adjustment of desktop landscape
  • Parallel usage of real-time exchanges both in applications and in desktop terminals by the same user requires a netting process with exchanges for cost control – insofar provided by exchanges
  • The mandatory implementation of regulatory requirements as for example record-keeping (chats, voice-trading, video) leads to additional effort and investments in infrastructure. The associated additional costs need to be controlled
  • High complexity of data vendor’s commercials and license aspects regarding individual data usage via terminals and applications requires a comprehensive management of the desktop landscape and feed-supply


The primary goal – realization of cost control and cost optimization – will be implemented by a multipart concept in the desktop environment.



The Be GmbH services 

  • Consulting in reducing double terminals/ double users (primarily in trading and trading-related sectors)
  • Consulting in replacing premium terminals by Mid-Tier terminals (primarily Sales, BackOffice and non-trading areas)
  • Consulting in replacing premium terminals by Excel Add-Ins (primarily BackOffice and non-trading areas)
  • Consulting in creating standardized user-profiles for terminal usage (interview-based definition on desk or department level coordinated with customer/business)
  • Consulting in reducing real-time exchanges and negotiating netting-processes with relevant exchanges
  • Consulting in reducing optional services (3rd party services) and suppliers of specialist data
  • Consulting in changeover of products (premium terminal, desktops in mid/low Tier sector, web products)


Your benefits by optimizing the market data landscape

  • Enhancement of sustainable cost control and cost optimization by demand-driven choice of market data desktop products
  • Appropriate control of both, individual services on market data front-end side and standalone services (for example enabling real-time exchanges, optional services)
  • Enhance manager’s and end-user’s cost awareness regarding cost structures and licensing models of user-based market data


The Be GmbH expertise in the area of Optimization of Market Data Desktop Landscape 

  • Project experience in achieving cost savings and creating user profiles in the trading environment (for example Capital Markets/Investment Banking) and also in non-trading areas
  • Expertise in common terminal products (premium and Mid/Low Tier products) and Excel Add-Ins
  • Expertise with common market data vendors, exchanges and specialist suppliers including their commercials
  • Expertise in market data management