tecconTR – targit solution for the reporting obligation under EMIR/FinFraG

Technical overview

tecconTR offers a flexible solution for regulative reporting obligations under EMIR and FinFraG. Historically, tecconTR is an advancement of teccon, a successful product which allows to connect trading systems to MarkitWire with little effort and in short project cycles.
tecconTR GUI offers all necessary tools for business departments in order to take all necessary measures for successful and complete reporting in the course of the reporting workflow. It is web-based and can therefore be provided to the users without a complex rollout process.


The following trade repositories are supported out of the box at the moment:


The Java technology, which is used with tecconTR and the usage of plugins allows a simple integration of the reporting solution in your IT system environment.

tecconTR 2


Architecture overview


With targit’s product teccon, trading systems can be connected to MarkitWire with little effort and in short project cycles. The extension level tecconTR used the architectural principles and core functionalities and expended them in such a way that the reporting function under EMIR and FinFraG can be implemented:


  • Generic inbound port via MQ/File à Any ASCII/XML format can be processed –Processing of several data sources for the compilation of the reporting is of course possible.
  • Control and transformation features à Validation of incoming reports for reporting relevance and completeness, as well as transformation into the reporting formats.
  • Connectivity to trade repositories via sFTP/Webservice/HTTPS
  • Persisting data in a database including the historisation of the processing steps and the feedback of the trade repositories
  • The adaption of the functional and technical mappings of individual fields is possible anytime. As the mapping engine of the respective plugins is based on Groovy, a 100{604e6f8bd69886fb476b53ba83dcbed6cc1f8a6dba96523fcc72b57d0422ce77} transparency of the functional logic is given.



The frontend of tecconTR offers a user-friendly web-based user interface for the interaction with the tecconTR backend.


Besides monitoring of the reporting process in real-time, functionalities like the modification of reporting databases and processing of feedback from trade repositories are key to a successful reporting solution.

Figure 1 Realtime overview of the reporting process

The following table shows an overview of the functionalities offered by tecconTR GUI: 


System requirements