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Market Data Excel Add-In (tMDA)

Many departments of financial institutions use Microsoft Excel sheets to calculate prices of financial instruments or to determine various financial figures.

This is characterized by high license and support costs and significant operational risk.

The Be Market Data Excel Add-in (tMDA) is made to simplify administration, dissolve resolves the dependencies between the Excel add-in and the corresponding terminal application and prevent incompatibilities of different vendors’ Excel extensions.

Main area of application is the provisioning of market data from several sources within a single Excel sheet, where the user has the choice between stream-based or snapshot-based data delivery.

Your benefits:

  • Simultaneous retrieval of market data from several sources using simple embedded functions
  • Streaming as well as snapshot delivery
  • Vendor-specific instrument symbols
  • Currently supported sources are Thomson Reuters, in-house sources via RMDS / TREP Rt and sources using an open API
  • Feed integration for Bloomberg via File, SIX FI via Feed, others in planning
  • Publication to the local RMDS / TREP Rt or to receivers connected via an API
  • Tight integration with the product “tarics Multi Vendor Contribution Server” for simultaneous external contribution to multiple market data providers