tarics Multi Vendor Contribution Server

Financial instruments become tradable, once prices are globaly and preferably in real-time available on the market. This pose a challenge to market data contributors: From pricing engines to trading systems usually many different systems and networks are involved.


tarics Multi-Vendor-Contribution Server simplifies the internal and external contribution of market data for its users. By allowing internal distribution of market data it covers numerous usage scenarios as a market data middleware. Coming with various standard input adapter, a highly performant architecture, a monitoring GUI, and a very efficient failover mechanism (tarics Supervisor Technology), tarics is the optimal contribution platform for market data.


Your benefits:


Symplify Processes – Create Transparency: The standard software tarics 3.x is a unified contribution platform for all common market data vendors and asset classes. Thus, effort for changing market data flows and maintenance costs can be reduced. tarics facilitates full control of quality of the contributed data as well as their internal and external recipients. Consequently a high functional transparency of data distribution and a simplification of individual adaptions can be achieved.


Time to Market, Functionality, and Security: The modular and flexible architecture of tarics 3.x especially provides the benefit of connecting new data sources and sinks very quickly as well as adding new functionality onto of existing data flows. This results in very short project durations. Substantial functions for data transformation are already covered by the standard software. Thus, tarics provides diverse use cases as market data middleware besides external contribution. The high quality software support of Be GmbH specialists offers additional security with respect to software investment and operation.