Facts & Figures

Input Plugins

Thomson Reuters RMDS
  • as a sink application
  • as a RMDS source service (cf. Reuters DCS)
  • publish market data directly from MS Excel
  • simultaneous publishing to RMDS possible
tarics API
  • direct publication from within client applications
Low Latency API
  • for use of feeds with high-performance requirements

Output Plugins

Thomson Reuters IDN
  • via Reuters MLIP v1.x (serial line)
  • via Reuters MLIP v2.x (TCP/IP)
  • Multi Product Feed
  • Records and legacy GPGX pages
SIX Telekurs 
Interactive Data 
Smarthouse Data 
  • Real-Time Price Feed
Thomson Reuters RMDS (internal contribution)
  • via Reuters RTIC
  • via existing source service (SSL insert)
  • as a standalone RMDS source service
  • tracking of contribution data
  • Sybase connectivity
  • neartime
  • import published market data into Excel
  • snapshot and streaming modes
tarics API
  • as a data producer for tarics API users
  • snapshot and streaming modes
  • pub/sub or complete feed
Low Latency API
  • as high-performance data-feed

Formatter Plugins

Page Formatter
  • template-based page generation
  • includes template editor
  • transformation of instrument names
  • rule-based, content-based
  • transformation of instrument content
  • rule-based
  • chaining of basic operations
  • filters out fields
  • rule-based
Chain Pages
  • builds pages from chain contents
  • integration of fixed content
Static Data
  • augment published records with static fields
Dictionary Mapper
  • renames and copies fields

Queueing and Scheduling

Intervalization and prioritization of updates 
Different queues
  • with and without conflation
  • scheduling

Core Features

Flexible workflow
  • separation of data processing on the basis of different criteria, e.g. instrument name
High Availability
  • Watchdog Mode
  • Cold Standby
  • Hot Standby
Bandwidth optimization 
Load Balancing/Partitioning 
Decoupling of input APIs and vendor APIs 
  • C++
  • Java
  • Monitoring GUI
  • browser interface

Operating Systems

Sun Solaris 10
  • x86

Hardware Requirements



  • depends on functionality used, number of instruments and throughput
  • example for 10,000 instruments, avarage throughput, mapping, 2 vendors:
  • HP ProLiant G7, Quad-Core-Prozessor 
  • 4096 MB
Disk Space
  • up to 300 MB + space for log files