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Information security

Information security is crucial for banks and financial institutions in today's digital era.

Security and trust: The cornerstones of modern banking
In an increasingly connected world, banks and financial institutions face the challenge of maintaining and strengthening the trust of their customers. Information security is not only a regulatory requirement, but also a central promise to our customers.

Our solutions for your security
Our advanced security solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of banks and financial institutions. We understand the unique challenges you face - from securing sensitive customer data to protecting against cyber-attacks. Our expertise in information security enables us to develop customised security concepts that not only meet current standards, but also proactively counter future threats.

Protection against cyber threats
Cyber threats are a constant challenge. Hackers and cyber criminals are constantly developing new methods to infiltrate systems and steal data. But we are ready. Our information security teams support you in monitoring your systems, recognising threats and reacting quickly.

Innovation meets security
With a team of experienced consultants who are always on top of the latest trends and technologies, we ensure your institution stays at the forefront of security technology. We combine and integrate innovative approaches such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect security risks before they become a problem.

Investing in the future
Information security is not a one-off investment. It requires constant vigilance, regular updates and continuous improvement. We invest in the latest technologies and in the training of our employees to ensure that we are always one step ahead.

Partnership at eye level
We see ourselves not just as a service provider, but as a partner on your path to a secure future. We work with you to develop strategies tailored to your specific requirements and provide ongoing support and advice to ensure your information security is always up to date.


Customised IT security solutions for banks and financial institutions - trust and protection in the digital era. Secure your sensitive data and fulfil regulatory requirements with our expertise in information security, IT compliance and IT security.

  • Invest in a comprehensive information security strategy that strengthens your customers' trust and protects your institution from the dangers of the digital world. With our help, you can rest assured that your data and that of your customers is in safe hands.

    • We support you in the introduction, expansion and optimisation of your information security system (ISMS) and quality management system (QMS).
    • We advise you on updating and improving your process map as part of Business Process Management (BPM).
    • We help you with the provider-independent selection and implementation of a standard GRC tool.
    • We offer you support with interim management as an external CISO, data protection officer (DPO) and BCM emergency manager, etc.
    • Support with (re)certification, e.g. ISO9001, ISO27001 etc.
  • The requirements and monitoring of the fulfilment of regulatory requirements for our customers' information security are constantly increasing.
    Accordingly, it is necessary to review the legal, internal and contractual requirements for the IT organisation as part of IT compliance with the help of an internal control system (ICS).

    • We are happy to advise you on the introduction and implementation of regulatory requirements (such as DORA, NIS2 etc.).
    • We help you carry out internal and external audits and rectify audit findings
    • We support you in setting up a professional control system in accordance with CObIT as part of your 1st Line of Defence or 2nd Line of Defence functions, including the execution of protection requirement analyses (SBA)
    • We offer to take over your entire IT compliance, including control activities, as managed services within the scope of outsourcing.
    • We will be happy to help you with questions about the KYC process.
  • Information security has never been just an option - the drastic increase in legal requirements has made it a priority.

    We specialise in Identity and Access Management (IAM), Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Segregation of Duties.

    Leading financial institutions trust our experts to analyse, define and implement their IAM/PAM and SoD regulations. We also analyse and optimise your corporate IT security to ensure data and information security.
    Based on projects at various universal and development banks as well as exchanges organizations, we have gained extensive experience in setting up and introducing a wide range of topics. We help our customers in particular with programme and project management and in terms of content in the areas of Identity & Access Management and Segregation of Duty. The focus here is on the definition and optimisation of business processes, as well as the further development of technical specifications and the monitoring of compliance with these specifications.


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