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Philipp Kaltenecker

Philipp Kaltenecker

Senior Business Consultant @ Be STF Austria

What projects have you worked on since you joined Be AT?

I am working at Be for 5 years now, so quite a lot and very different ones as well. I could participate in projects for almost every major Austrian bank. To name just a few, integration of a new treasury system, preparing a rating presentation for the big rating agencies and creating a new customer journey for loan applications. Currently I am working for a start-up in the fintech sector where we try to bring mobile payments to the next level.

What made you decide to join Be AT?

In the interview, I was told that at Be Austria you are free to develop in every direction you want, and you get to work on client projects right away. That convinced me and that was exactly how it was. Furthermore, we do have a flat hierarchy.

What opportunities are there? 

A lot of them I would say. Career paths are very flexible at Be and you can also choose further educational trainings yourself. So, the biggest opportunity in my opinion is that you can specialize yourself in the areas you are interested the most within the financial and technical world.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Be AT?

Jump on board!

What does a typical day look like for you? 

Usually, I drive to our client’s office by bike in summer and by subway in winter. Then I will get a coffee and check all communication channels like mail, slack and teams. After that I will join the daily stand-up where every project member states what they are planning to do today and what might block them from achieving that. Then I check my schedule because every day is different. Could be that there are a lot of meetings talking to developers or a whole day workshop, discussing new requirements or sometimes interviews or just having time to work on specifications and concepts.

What are your goals to achieve for the next year?

Deepen the strategic business relationship to my current client. Help them realizing their product visions and achieve a successful market entry so we can grow together sustainably.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself… 

I hate casinos but I do love the stock market. Every now and then I search for companies that are under or overvalued from my point of view. I do some calculations and preferably go for rather risky call or put options if contracts are available.

You meet your 18-year-old self, but you are only allowed to say one sentence. What do you advise him?

Everything is going to be fine, but still buy some bitcoin and sell in 2021.


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