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Portfolio management system Q-bonds

The following applies to portfolio management: users may be able to reach their goal with Excel, but it will rarely be convenient, performant or revision-proof. In environments in which several employees maintain data in parallel, such solutions finally reach their limits, at the latest when regulatory requirements also have to be adequately taken into account. However, ‘large’ solutions are often completely oversized, both in terms of functionality, price and administrative effort.

Our product solution Q-bonds offers comprehensive, reporting date-filtered liquidity planning for companies of all sizes. From short to medium to long-term perspectives, we enable precise and reliable planning of your financial resources.

With our ‘Maturity structure’ report, you always have an overview of your liabilities and their progress over time. In addition, we offer an intuitive visualisation of multi-level group structures in order to present complex corporate structures transparently.

Our system enables the historisation of all user activities so that you can track the progress of your decisions at any time. The breakdown of assets into asset classes according to the ALM study and the calculation of key figures such as ROI and IRR help you to make well-founded investment decisions.

By mapping investments in accordance with RechsVersV and taking into account the German Deposit Protection Act (EinSiG), we ensure compliance with legal provisions and regulatory requirements.

Our system offers a dynamic evaluation of all instrument master data as well as the allocation of all investments in accordance with the Investment Ordinance. A warning system automatically informs you if these regulations are breached.

Interest is calculated using standard methods, and our platform allows you to perform stress tests and spread scenarios for risk assessment.
In addition, we offer functions for storing ratings, market liquidity ratios, default risks, sectors and other risk ratios.
Our user control allows you to customise analyses and forms so that you receive exactly the information you need.

In addition to our Q-bonds portfolio management system, our Q-risk risk management system provides you with the ideal solution for your risk controlling.

Our Q-risk risk management system fulfils the stringent requirements of auditors, investment managers and BaFin and enables you to map and monitor a wide range of risk categories such as market, credit, liquidity and structural risks as well as target/actual comparisons.

Q-risk offers comprehensive report management with audit-proof documentation. Use Q-risk either as a server solution or by hosting it in your own system. Our solution combines development and support of the software over the entire life cycle and fulfils the highest technical requirements in terms of performance and scalability.

With Q-risk, you can overcome the challenges of conventional methods. The software provides a robust platform for simultaneous access by multiple users and fulfils the highest security standards. Manual data processing, which often leads to errors, is automated by Q-risk. Flexible limit monitoring with automatic notifications and integrated rights management protect your data.

Q-risk includes the analysis and evaluation of various risk categories, stress tests, risk-bearing capacity and risk budgets. Q-risk calculates key risk figures such as VaR and volatility and offers audit-proof reporting with a comment function and logging of user activities. Rely on Q-risk to optimise your risk management processes and ensure maximum efficiency and security.


Our services include system administration support, setup and maintenance of interfaces as well as hosting on our own servers with automated data backup. We support the smooth migration of data, offer user training and promote the exchange of professional experience through our team of experts.

  • The workflow-based processing of trades optimises the entire trading process by enabling transactions to be processed in a structured and efficient manner. By automating tasks, setting up authorisation workflows and integrating risk controls, trade processing is accelerated and the susceptibility to errors is reduced, resulting in improved efficiency and compliance.

    • Amortisation & write-up
    • Derecognition & Recognition
    • Buy & Sell
    • Cancellation
    • Coupon distribution
    • Final maturity
    • Capital reduction
  • A flexible booking system enables organisations to effectively manage variable cost budgets by allowing dynamic adjustment of bookings according to the current financial situation. By being able to quickly adjust bookings and add new cost categories, companies can react agilely to changes and optimally manage their expenses, resulting in improved budget control and financial flexibility.

    • Variable cost framework
  • An integrated reporting system enables the seamless creation of non-assessment certificates and the generation of AWV reports in accordance with Z10 for securities transactions and financial derivatives in foreign trade. It also facilitates compliance with ECB reporting requirements by simplifying and automating the process of data collection and transmission to the European Central Bank. This leads to increased efficiency in the preparation and transmission of reports and at the same time ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

    • Creation of NV certificates
    • Generation of AWV reports (Z10 - securities transactions and financial derivatives in foreign trade)
    • ECB reporting
  • Integrated deadline management enables efficient management of all common deadline types such as payment, due date, interest date, tender right, notice and final payment. Responsibilities can be clearly defined and assigned, and the system enables automatic notification by e-mail to ensure that all parties involved are informed in good time. This improves the organisation and coordination of deadlines and helps to meet deadlines and obligations.

    • Payout
    • Maturity
    • Interest payment date
    • Right to sell
    • Including email notification


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