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Multi Vendor Distribution Platform tarics +

Market data, or financial information in general, is a central element in the value chain of the capital markets, the basis for almost all trading decisions and a link between market participants. The costs associated with market data are correspondingly high.

Many market data environments are characterised by a large number of interfaces, which leads to a high level of complexity. This complexity results in high licence costs and is subject to the restrictions of provider regulations. Due to the complexity and dependence on providers, they require considerable maintenance and costs. The implementation of new requirements such as regulation and compliance is extremely time-consuming and cost-intensive due to the unstructured structure, which increases the risk of incorrect data utilisation and the associated fines. The transparency of market data flows is very low and the flexibility in the procurement of data is severely restricted by technological limitations, which results in additional licence costs for data from ‘other providers’. The authorisation of third-party data in the provider's systems is complex and there is a lack of control over how the data received is used via a platform. The high cost of development and maintenance results from the many proprietary interfaces.


With tarics+, you not only receive a powerful platform, but also customised and comprehensive implementation support from our dedicated team to ensure your success right from the start.

  • With the tarics+ Multi Vendor Distribution Platform, we offer our customers the opportunity to integrate market data from a wide range of vendors into applications via a harmonised interface technology and a cross-vendor authorisation system. The platform allows our customers to select the most suitable market data for their business and to integrate it cost-effectively while fulfilling the relevant regulatory requirements.

    tarics+ is a modern, high-performance and stable market data platform that is the only vendor-independent, scalable solution on the market. By increasing efficiency, it significantly reduces the cost of licensing market data. The platform has a proprietary authorisation system that authorises various data streams and generates auditable reports. A risk-free migration from existing platforms during ongoing operations is possible without any adjustments to existing interfaces. In addition, tarics+ offers a 100% compatible interface for applications that were previously tied to a Refinitiv RTDS/TREP. With outstanding performance, low latency times and modular adaptability, the platform fulfils individual requirements. A monitoring GUI is integrated for operational control down to instrument level as well as open interfaces for integration into existing monitoring systems such as Prometheus, Nagios, Incinga, Grafana, etc. tarics+ can be operated both as a cloud service and on-premise and offers high availability in all areas for a high degree of reliability.

  • tarics+ removes current restrictions and offers a number of advantages. The platform reduces licence costs and administration costs. At the same time, interfaces are standardised, which improves the efficiency of data processing. New requirements can be implemented quickly and efficiently, which increases flexibility. It also minimises the risk of incorrect use of data, which strengthens market data governance.

    The platform creates transparency about market data flows both internally and externally. In addition, costs can be allocated to the respective users according to the degree of utilisation, which enables a more efficient use of resources.

  • tarics+ offers an out-of-the-box solution for market data streams from various sources and providers such as Bloomberg and Refinitiv, supported by a proprietary, multi-vendor authorisation system. In addition, the platform offers flexible programming APIs for integrating external sources and distributing data to internal applications and websites, including an Excel plugin for integrating data into Office applications.

    Data can be transformed, enriched or derived using flexible rule-based processing modules. The solution is available both as an on-premises and cloud-enabled solution, with flexible licence and support models, including SaaS. tarics+ meets the highest technical requirements in terms of performance and scalability and has been reliably used by our customers for many years.


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