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Shaping the future of the insurance industry together –
Be | Shaping the Future offers consulting for the business excellence of the insurance sector of tomorrow. Our proven 360° consulting approach and passionate dedication to innovation and successful digital initiatives set us apart.

By combining innovative thinking with extensive experience in areas such as operational excellence, strategic IT consulting, risk management, compliance, and unlocking digital potentials, we guide our clients with market-leading technologies. In doing so, we ensure that they benefit from future-proof solutions, meet market demands, and capitalize on market shifts. Our primary goal is to create long-term value.

Our team brings a wealth of experience in shaping significant transformation and integration projects, as well as solid knowledge of the entire value chain of reinsurance and primary insurance, including InsureTech offerings.

We assist our clients navigate te challenges of competition, cost, and evolving regulatory demands in proactively and innovatively managing the pressures of competition, cost, and new regulatory requirements, ensuring or enhancing competitiveness in a timely manner.

Our team of experts innovately reduces IT complexity while ensuring transparency in operational processes. We leverage standardized software, automated procedures, and integrated systems as required.


At Be | Shaping the Future, we specialize in optimizing and digitizing the insurance industry. With a 360° approach and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to shaping the future of insurance.

  • The key to an efficient organization and effective processes within the company.

    At Be | Shaping the Future, we collaborate closely with our clients to boost operational efficiency, decrease operational expenses, all while elevating customer satisfaction and showcasing agility in responding to market shifts.

    Some of our services include:

    • Process analysis, optimization, and design
    • Concept development and implementation of the latest technologies
    • Process automation, data analysis, and process control
    • Leading change management initiatives, project management, and implementation training
  • Aligning technology with business objectives.

    Rapid technological advancements inevitably affect business and corporate processes. Business models change and demand flexibility and customer-centric focus. Interaction channels need to be serviced, knowledge and data must be secured, and services need to be comprehensive and sustainable.

    We recognize the opportunities for innovation and pave the way for the digital business models of tomorrow and the day after. To accomplish this goal, we collaborate on formulating a comprehensive IT strategy and offer practical alternatives. We systematically overhaul your IT infrastructure in a focused and progressive approach.

    Some of our services include:

    • Developing tailored IT strategies
    • Technology selection and implementation
    • Cybersecurity consulting
    • Digital transformation and innovation
  • Managing a company - especially an insurance company - is challenging. Legal statutes and regulations continue to expand, in parallel with rising customer expectations. Furthermore, new global risks are surfacing.

    We offer solutions and execute innovative concepts to adhere to regulations and standards. We sustain compliance and proactively manage responses to identify risks promptly.
    Leveraging our expertise enables early identification of global risks, fostering a corporate culture that instills awareness among stakeholders, establishing robust corporate governance.
    We ensure cost-effective control over corporate governance expenses, ensuring efficiency and competitiveness, even amidst challenging economic conditions.
    Through our comprehensive 360° consulting approach, we establish an integrated risk and compliance management system. This approach balances effectiveness and efficiency, incorporating an optimal level of standardization and leveraging digital capabilities.
    Our solutions are designed to withstand scrutiny and certification against pertinent standards, such as ISO.

  • It is essential to actively embrace technological change. A neutral analysis and innovative exploration of digital potentials offer unforeseen opportunities. Established insurers preserve their chances and capitalize on the attention of customers awakened by new players in the InsureTech market.

    The technological upheaval is immense, bringing forth substantial opportunities. Digitization is fundamentally reshaping the financial landscape. We remain at the forefront, ensuring established companies effectively adapt to digital transformation catalysts, satisfy evolving customer needs, and ultimately access new markets and customer demographics.

    Our 360° consulting approach encompasses every facet of the digitalization process, custom-tailored to address the unique requirements of our clients.

    Some of our services include:

    • Strategy development and implementation
    • Innovative distribution, risk, and claims concepts
    • Development and implementation of performance programs
    • Change management, project training
    • Customer journey, UX, and service management
    • Certification processes (e.g., ISO)


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